Stone Veneer

Stone veneer or stacked stone veneer is a lightweight, protective, stylistic covering that can be applied to the exterior of commercial or residential buildings. Because it’s made using the molds of natural stone, it retains the texture and look of real stone, without the time, hassle and additional supports required to install it. It’s a great custom exterior finish for any special application you have.

Natural Stone Vs. Stone Veneer

There’s no denying the natural beauty and elegance of real stone, but the long, involved installation process and hefty price tag can make it unattainable. Stone veneer has become a popular choice in recent years, because it’s manufactured using molds of real stone, which can make it nearly indistinguishable from natural stone. Because it’s made from polyurethane, it’s significantly lighter than natural stone, making it easier and faster to install and manipulate. It also adds design freedom as it adheres easily to many different surfaces that natural stone may not, and it offers variety in colors and patterns, evoking the authentic look of real stone. Stone veneer also offers expanded options regardless of geographic region; natural stone is usually locally extracted, which limits material offerings.


Durability. Stone veneer’s strength reduces natural wear and tear, and is designed to withstand weather conditions and retain its color and texture over time, besting even real stone or brick.

Pest Proof. A faux stone wall will not attract pests, termites or carpenter ants.

Green. Production of stone veneer requires less energy than mining quarries for stone, leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Installation. Stone veneers are lightweight and easy to install, requiring no special tools or supports.

Cost. The material costs a fraction of real stone, and the lightweight nature of stone veneer significantly lowers labor costs.

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